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Geo rep in 3.7

Improved Node fail-over issues handling by using Gluster Meta Volume

In replica pairs one Geo-rep worker should be active and all the other replica workers should be passive. When Active worker goes down, Passive worker will become active. In previous releases, this logic was based on node-uuid, but now it is based on Lock file in Meta Volume. Now it is possible to decide Active/Passive more accurately and multiple Active worker scenarios minimized.

Geo-rep works without Meta Volume also, this feature is backward compatible. By default config option use_meta_volume is False. This feature can be turned on with geo-rep config use_meta_volume true. Without this feature Geo-rep works as it was working in previous releases.

Issues if meta_volume is turned off:

  1. Multiple workers becoming active and participate in syncing. Duplicate efforts and all the issues related to concurrent execution exists.

  2. Failover only works at node level, if a brick process goes down but node is alive then fail-back will not happen and delay in syncing.

  3. Very difficult documented steps about placements of bricks in case of replica 3. For example, first brick in each replica should not be placed in same node. etc.

  4. Consuming Changelogs from previously failed node when it comes back, which may lead to issues like delayed syncing and data inconsistencies in case of Renames.

Fixes: 1196632, 1217939

Improved Historical Changelogs consumption

Support for consuming Historical Changelogs introduced in previous releases, with this release this is more stable and improved. Use of Filesystem crawl is minimized and limited only during initial sync.In previous release, Node reboot or brick process going down was treated as Changelog Breakage and Geo-rep was fallback to XSync for that duration. With this release, Changelog session will be considered broken only if Changelog is turned off. All the other scenarios considered as safe.

This feature is also required by glusterfind.

Fixes: 1217944

Improved Status and Checkpoint

Status got many improvements, Showing accurate details of Session info, User info, Slave node to which master node is connected, Last Synced Time etc. Initializing time is reduced, Status change will happen as soon as geo-rep workers ready.(In previous releases Initializing time was 60 sec)

Fixes: 1212410

Worker Restart improvements

Workers going down and coming back is very common in geo-rep for reasons like network failure, Slave node going down etc. When it comes up it has to reprocess the changelogs again because worker died before updating the last sync time. The batch size is now optimized such that the amount of reprocess is minimized.

Fixes: 1210965

Improved RENAME handling

When renamed filename hash falls to other brick, respective brick's changelog records RENAME, but rest of the fops like CREATE, DATA are recorded in first brick. Each Geo-rep worker per brick syncs data to Slave Volume independently, These things go out of order and Master and Slave Volume become inconsistent. With the help of DHT team, RENAMEs are recorded where CREATE and DATA are recorded.

Fixes: 1141379

Syncing xattrs and acls

Syncing both xattrs and acls to Slave cluster are now supported. These can be disabled setting config options sync-xattrs or sync-acls to false.

Fixes: 1187021, 1196690

Identifying Entry failures

Logging improvements to identify exact reason for Entry failures, GFID conflicts, I/O errors etc. Safe errors are not logged in Mount logs in Slave, Safe errors are post processed and only genuine errors are logged in Master logs.

Fixes: 1207115, 1210562

Improved rm -rf issues handling

Successive deletes and creates had issues, Handling these issues minimized. (Not completely fixed since it depends on Open issues of DHT)

Fixes: 1211037

Non root Geo-replication simplified

Manual editing of Glusterd vol file is simplified by introducing gluster system:: mountbroker command

Fixes: 1136312

Logging Rsync performance on request basis

Rsync performance can be evaluated by enabling a config option. After this Geo-rep starts recording rsync performance in log file, which can be post processed to get meaningful metrics.

Fixes: 764827

Initial sync issues due to upper limit comparison during Filesystem Crawl

Bug fix, Fixed wrong logic in Xsync Change detection. Upper limit was considered during xsync crawl. Geo-rep XSync was missing many files considering Changelog will take care. But Changelog will not have complete details of the files created before enabling Geo-replication.

When rsync/tarssh fails, geo-rep is now capable of identifying safe errors and continue syncing by ignoring those issues. For example, rsync fails to sync a file which is deleted in master during sync. This can be ignored since the file is unlinked and no need to try syncing.

Fixes: 1200733

Changelog failures and Brick failures handling

When Brick process goes down, or any Changelog exception Geo-rep worker was failing back to XSync crawl. Which was bad since Xsync fails to identify Deletes and Renames. Now this is prevented, worker goes to Faulty and wait for that Brick process to comeback.

Fixes: 1202649

Archive Changelogs in working directory after processing

Archive Changelogs after processing not generate empty changelogs when no data is available. This is great improvement in terms of reducing the inode consumption in Brick.

Fixes: 1169331

Virtual xattr to trigger sync

Since we use Historical Changelogs when Geo-rep worker restarts. Only SETATTR will be recorded when we touch a file. In previous versions, Re triggering a file sync is stop geo-rep, touch files and start geo-replication. Now touch will not help since it records only SETATTR. Virtual Xattr is introduced to retrigger the sync. No Geo-rep restart required.

Fixes: 1176934

SSH Keys overwrite issues during Geo-rep create

Parallel creates or multiple Geo-rep session creation was overwriting the pem keys written by first one. This leads to connectivity issues when Geo-rep is started.

Fixes: 1183229

Ownership sync improvements

Geo-rep was failing to sync ownership information from master cluster to Slave cluster.

Fixes: 1104954

Slave node failover handling improvements

When slave node goes down, Master worker which is connected to that brick will go to faulty. Now it tries to connect to another slave node instead of waiting for that Slave node to come back.

Fixes: 1151412

Support of ssh keys custom location

If ssh authorized_keys are configured in non standard location instead of default $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys. Geo-rep create was failing, now this is supported.

Fixes: 1181117