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Tools We Use

Service/Tool Purpose Hosted At
Gerrit Code Review Temporary Racks
Jenkins CI, build-verification-test Temporary Racks
Backups Website, Gerrit and Jenkins backup Rackspace
Bugs WebUI A dashboard for all OPEN bugs Rackspace
Docs Documentation content Official download site of the binaries Rackspace
Sonar Static analysis Rackspace
Salt-master Manage part of the infra Rackspace
Web-Builder Cronjob building and deploying the website Rackspace
Mailman Lists mailman Rackspace Web asset Rackspace
SuperColony real name of website server (and do-it-all server) Rackspace


  • Resiliency is important for availability and metrics. Since it's official download, access need to restricted as much as possible. TODO: Who has access?
  • Sonar: Infrequently used and mostly idle.
  • Salt-master: Michael would have more detail. TODO: Add more detail.
  • Web-Builder: Managed by misc with salt. Stateless, Can be trashed and reinstalled.
  • Mailman: Should be migrated to a separate host. Should be made more redundant (ie, more than 1 MX).
  • Framework, Artifacts now exist under Has various legacy installation of software (mediawiki, etc ), being cleaned as we find them.