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Release notes for Gluster 9.1

Release date: 05-Apr-2021

This is a bugfix and improvement release. The release notes for 9.0 contain a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 9 stable release.


  • Next minor release tentative date: Week of 30th Apr, 2021
  • Users are highly encouraged to upgrade to newer releases of GlusterFS.

Highlights of Release

  • Provide autoconf option to enable/disable storage.linux-io_uring during compilation #2063
  • Healing data in 1MB chunks instead of 128KB for improving healing performance #2067

Builds are available at

Issues addressed in this release

Please find the list of issues added to this release below.

  • #1406 shared storage volume fails to mount in ipv6 environment
  • #1991 mdcache: bug causes getxattr() to report ENODATA when fetchin...
  • #2063 Provide autoconf option to enable/disable storage.linux-io_ur...
  • #2067 Change self-heal-window-size to 1MB by default
  • #2107 mount crashes when setfattr -n distribute.fix.layout -v "yes"...
  • #2154 "Operation not supported" doing a chmod on a symlink
  • #2192 4+1 arbiter setup is broken
  • #2198 There are blocked inodelks for a long time
  • #2234 Segmentation fault in directory quota daemon for replicated v...