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Release notes for Gluster 3.11.2

This is a bugfix release. The release notes for 3.11.1, 3.11.0, contains a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed, in the GlusterFS 3.11 stable release.

Major changes, features and limitations addressed in this release

There are no major features or changes made in this release.

Major issues

  1. Expanding a gluster volume that is sharded may cause file corruption

    • Sharded volumes are typically used for VM images, if such volumes are expanded or possibly contracted (i.e add/remove bricks and rebalance) there are reports of VM images getting corrupted.
    • The last known cause for corruption (Bug #1465123) has a fix with this release. As further testing is still in progress, the issue is retained as a major issue.
    • Status of this bug can be tracked here, #1465123

Bugs addressed

Bugs addressed since release-3.11.0 are listed below.

  • #1463512: USS: stale snap entries are seen when activation/deactivation performed during one of the glusterd's unavailability
  • #1463513: [geo-rep]: extended attributes are not synced if the entry and extended attributes are done within changelog roleover/or entry sync
  • #1463517: Brick Multiplexing:dmesg shows request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 49152 and memory related backtraces
  • #1463528: [Perf] 35% drop in small file creates on smbv3 on *2
  • #1463626: [Ganesha]Bricks got crashed while running posix compliance test suit on V4 mount
  • #1464316: DHT: Pass errno as an argument to gf_msg
  • #1465123: Fd based fops fail with EBADF on file migration
  • #1465854: Regression: Heal info takes longer time when a brick is down
  • #1466801: assorted typos and spelling mistakes from Debian lintian
  • #1466859: dht_rename_lock_cbk crashes in upstream regression test
  • #1467268: Heal info shows incorrect status
  • #1468118: disperse seek does not correctly handle the end of file
  • #1468200: [Geo-rep]: entry failed to sync to slave with ENOENT errror
  • #1468457: selfheal deamon cpu consumption not reducing when IOs are going on and all redundant bricks are brought down one after another
  • #1469459: Rebalance hangs on remove-brick if the target volume changes
  • #1470938: Regression: non-disruptive(in-service) upgrade on EC volume fails
  • #1471025: glusterfs process leaking memory when error occurs
  • #1471611: metadata heal not happening despite having an active sink
  • #1471869: cthon04 can cause segfault in gNFS/NLM
  • #1472794: Test script failing with brick multiplexing enabled