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This page contains a list of project ideas which will be suitable for students (for GSOC, internship etc.)

Projects/Features which needs contributors



This is a new distribution logic, which can scale Gluster to 1000s of nodes.

Composition xlator for small files

Merge small files into a designated large file using our own custom semantics. This can improve our small file performance.

Path based geo-replication


This would allow remote volume to be of different type (NFS/S3 etc etc) too.

Project Quota support


This will make Gluster's Quota faster, and also provide desired behavior.

Cluster testing framework based on gluster-tester


Build a cluster using docker images (or VMs). Write a tool which would extend current gluster testing's .t format to take NODE as an addition parameter to run command. This would make upgrade and downgrade testing very easy and feasible.

Network layer changes


There is many improvements we can do in this area