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Contributing to the Gluster community

Are you itching to send in patches and participate as a developer in the Gluster community? Here are a number of starting points for getting involved. All you need is your 'github' account to be handy.

Remember that, Gluster community has multiple projects, each of which has its own way of handling PRs and patches. Decide on which project you want to contribute. Below documents are mostly about 'GlusterFS' project, which is the core of Gluster Community.


  • Simplified Developer Workflow

    • A simpler and faster intro to developing with GlusterFS, than the document below
  • Developer Workflow

    • Covers detail about requirements from a patch; tools and toolkits used by developers. This is recommended reading in order to begin contributions to the project.
  • GD2 Developer Workflow

    • Helps in on-boarding developers to contribute in GlusterD2 project.

Compiling Gluster


Releases and Backports

Some more GlusterFS Developer documentation can be found in glusterfs documentation directory