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Release notes for Gluster 5.2

This is a bugfix release. The release notes for 5.0 and 5.1 contains a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 5 stable release.

NOTE: Next minor release tentative date: Week of 10th January, 2019

Major changes, features and limitations addressed in this release


Major issues


Bugs addressed

Bugs addressed since release-5.1 are listed below.

  • #1651525: Issuing a "heal ... full" on a disperse volume causes permanent high CPU utilization.
  • #1654115: [Geo-rep]: Faulty geo-rep sessions due to link ownership on slave volume
  • #1654117: [geo-rep]: Failover / Failback shows fault status in a non-root setup
  • #1654236: Provide an option to silence glfsheal logs
  • #1654370: Bitrot: Scrub status say file is corrupted even it was just created AND 'path' in the output is broken
  • #1655545: gfid heal does not happen when there is no source brick