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Release Notes for GlusterFS 3.7.1

This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.7.0, contain a listing of all the new features that were added.

Note: Enabling Bitrot on volumes with more than 2 bricks on a node works with this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • 1212676: NetBSD port
  • 1218863: `ls' on a directory which has files with mismatching gfid's does not list anything
  • 1219782: Regression failures in tests/bugs/snapshot/bug-1112559.t
  • 1221000: detach-tier status emulates like detach-tier stop
  • 1221470: dHT rebalance: Dict_copy log messages when running rebalance on a dist-rep volume
  • 1221476: Data Tiering:rebalance fails on a tiered volume
  • 1221477: The tiering feature requires counters.
  • 1221503: DHT Rebalance : Misleading log messages for linkfiles
  • 1221507: NFS-Ganesha: ACL should not be enabled by default
  • 1221534: rebalance failed after attaching the tier to the volume.
  • 1221967: Do not allow detach-tier commands on a non tiered volume
  • 1221969: tiering: use sperate log/socket/pid file for tiering
  • 1222198: Fix nfs/mount3.c build warnings reported in Koji
  • 1222750: non-root geo-replication session goes to faulty state, when the session is started
  • 1222869: [SELinux] [BVT]: Selinux throws AVC errors while running DHT automation on Rhel6.6
  • 1223215: gluster volume status fails with locking failed error message
  • 1223286: [geo-rep]: worker died with "ESTALE" when performed rm -rf on a directory from mount of master volume
  • 1223644: [geo-rep]: With tarssh the file is created at slave but it doesnt get sync
  • 1224100: [geo-rep]: Even after successful sync, the DATA counter did not reset to 0
  • 1224241: gfapi: zero size issue in glfs_h_acl_set()
  • 1224292: peers connected in the middle of a transaction are participating in the transaction
  • 1224647: [RFE] Provide hourly scrubbing option
  • 1224650: SIGNING FAILURE Error messages are poping up in the bitd log
  • 1224894: Quota: spurious failures with quota testcases
  • 1225077: Fix regression test spurious failures
  • 1225279: Different client can not execute "for((i=0;i<1000;i++));do ls -al;done" in a same directory at the sametime
  • 1225318: glusterd could crash in remove-brick-status when local remove-brick process has just completed
  • 1225320: ls command failed with on while mounting ec volume.
  • 1225331: [geo-rep] fails to stop all gluster processes
  • 1225543: [geo-rep]: snapshot creation timesout even if geo-replication is in pause/stop/delete state
  • 1225552: [Backup]: Unable to create a glusterfind session
  • 1225709: [RFE] Move signing trigger mechanism to [f]setxattr()
  • 1225743: [AFR-V2] - afr_final_errno() should treat op_ret > 0 also as success
  • 1225796: Spurious failure in tests/bugs/disperse/bug-1161621.t
  • 1225919: Log EEXIST errors in DEBUG level in fops MKNOD and MKDIR
  • 1225922: Sharding - Skip update of block count and size for directories in readdirp callback
  • 1226024: cli/tiering:typo errors in tiering
  • 1226029: I/O's hanging on tiered volumes (NFS)
  • 1226032: glusterd crashed on the node when tried to detach a tier after restoring data from the snapshot.
  • 1226117: [RFE] Return proper error codes in case of snapshot failure
  • 1226120: [Snapshot] Do not run scheduler if ovirt scheduler is running
  • 1226139: Implement MKNOD fop in bit-rot.
  • 1226146: BitRot :- bitd is not signing Objects if more than 3 bricks are present on same node
  • 1226153: Quota: Do not allow set/unset of quota limit in heterogeneous cluster
  • 1226629: bug-973073.t fails spuriously
  • 1226853: Volume start fails when glusterfs is source compiled with GCC v5.1.1

Known Issues

  • 1227677: Glusterd crashes and cannot start after rebalance
  • 1227656: Glusted dies when adding new brick to a distributed volume and converting to replicated volume
  • 1210256: gluster volume info --xml gives back incorrect typrStr in xml
  • 1212842: tar on a glusterfs mount displays "file changed as we read it" even though the file was not changed
  • 1220347: Read operation on a file which is in split-brain condition is successful
  • 1213352: nfs-ganesha: HA issue, the iozone process is not moving ahead, once the nfs-ganesha is killed
  • 1220270: nfs-ganesha: Rename fails while exectuing Cthon general category test
  • 1214169: glusterfsd crashed while rebalance and self-heal were in progress
  • 1221941: glusterfsd: bricks crash while executing ls on nfs-ganesha vers=3
  • 1225809: [DHT-REBALANCE]-DataLoss: The data appended to a file during its migration will be lost once the migration is done
  • 1225940: DHT: lookup-unhashed feature breaks runtime compatibility with older client versions

  • Addition of bricks dynamically to cold or hot tiers in a tiered volume is not supported.

  • The following configuration changes are necessary for qemu and samba integration with libgfapi to work seamlessly:

# gluster volume set <volname> server.allow-insecure on Edit /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol to contain this line: option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on

Post 1, restarting the volume would be necessary:
# gluster volume stop <volname>
# gluster volume start <volname>

Post 2, restarting glusterd would be necessary:

# service glusterd restart
# systemctl restart glusterd