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Release Notes for GlusterFS 3.6.3

This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.6.0 contain a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.6 stable release.

Bugs Fixed:

  • 1187526: Disperse volume mounted through NFS doesn't list any files/directories
  • 1188471: When the volume is in stopped state/all the bricks are down mount of the volume hangs
  • 1201484: glusterfs-3.6.2 fails to build on Ubuntu Precise: 'RDMA_OPTION_ID_REUSEADDR' undeclared
  • 1202212: Performance enhancement for RDMA
  • 1189023: Directories not visible anymore after add-brick, new brick dirs not part of old bricks
  • 1202673: Perf: readdirp in replicated volumes causes performance degrade
  • 1203081: Entries in indices/xattrop directory not removed appropriately
  • 1203648: Quota: Build ancestry in the lookup
  • 1199936: readv on /var/run/6b8f1f2526c6af8a87f1bb611ae5a86f.socket failed when NFS is disabled
  • 1200297: cli crashes when listing quota limits with xml output
  • 1201622: Convert quota size from n-to-h order before using it
  • 1194141: AFR : failure in self-heald.t
  • 1201624: Spurious failure of tests/bugs/quota/bug-1038598.t
  • 1194306: Do not count files which did not need index heal in the first place as successfully healed
  • 1200258: Quota: features.quota-deem-statfs is "on" even after disabling quota.
  • 1165938: Fix regression test spurious failures
  • 1197598: NFS logs are filled with system.posix_acl_access messages
  • 1199577: mount.glusterfs uses /dev/stderr and fails if the device does not exist
  • 1197598: NFS logs are filled with system.posix_acl_access messages
  • 1188066: logging improvements in marker translator
  • 1191537: With afrv2 + ext4, lookups on directories with large offsets could result in duplicate/missing entries
  • 1165129: libgfapi: use versioned symbols in for compatibility
  • 1179136: glusterd: Gluster rebalance status returns failure
  • 1176756: glusterd: remote locking failure when multiple synctask transactions are run
  • 1188064: log files get flooded when removexattr() can't find a specified key or value
  • 1165938: Fix regression test spurious failures
  • 1192522: index heal doesn't continue crawl on self-heal failure
  • 1193970: Fix spurious ssl-authz.t regression failure (backport)
  • 1138897: NetBSD port
  • 1184527: Some newly created folders have root ownership although created by unprivileged user
  • 1181977: gluster vol clear-locks vol-name path kind all inode return IO error in a disperse volume
  • 1159471: rename operation leads to core dump
  • 1173528: Change in volume heal info command output
  • 1186119: tar on a gluster directory gives message "file changed as we read it" even though no updates to file in progress
  • 1183716: Force replace-brick lead to the persistent write(use dd) return Input/output error
  • 1138897: NetBSD port
  • 1178590: Enable quota(default) leads to heal directory's xattr failed.
  • 1182490: Internal ec xattrs are allowed to be modified
  • 1187547: self-heal-algorithm with option "full" doesn't heal sparse files correctly
  • 1174170: Glusterfs outputs a lot of warnings and errors when quota is enabled
  • 1212684: - GlusterD segfaults when started with management SSL

Known Issues:

  • The following configuration changes are necessary for 'qemu' and 'samba vfs plugin' integration with libgfapi to work seamlessly:

  • gluster volume set server.allow-insecure on

  • restarting the volume is necessary

    gluster volume stop <volname> gluster volume start <volname>

  • Edit /etc/glusterfs/glusterd.vol to contain this line:

    option rpc-auth-allow-insecure on

  • restarting glusterd is necessary

    service glusterd restart

More details are also documented in the Gluster Wiki on the Libgfapi with qemu libvirt page.

  • For Block Device translator based volumes open-behind translator at the client side needs to be disabled.
      gluster volume set <volname> disable