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Backport Guidelines

In GlusterFS project, as a policy, any new change, bug fix, etc., are to be fixed in 'devel' branch before release branches. When a bug is fixed in the devel branch, it might be desirable or necessary in release branch.

This page describes the policy GlusterFS has regarding the backports. As a user, or contributor, being aware of this policy would help you to understand how to request for backport from community.


  • No feature from devel would be backported to the release branch
  • CVE ie., security vulnerability (listed on the CVE database) reported in the existing releases would be backported, after getting fixed in devel branch.
  • Only topics which bring about data loss or, unavailability would be backported to the release.
  • For any other issues, the project recommends that the installation be upgraded to a newer release where the specific bug has been addressed.
  • Gluster provides 'rolling' upgrade support, i.e., one can upgrade their server version without stopping the application I/O, so we recommend migrating to higher version.

Things to pay attention to while backporting a patch.

If your patch meets the criteria above, or you are a user, who prefer to have a fix backported, because your current setup is facing issues, below are the steps you need to take care to submit a patch on release branch.

  • The patch should have same 'Change-Id'.

How to contact release owners?

All release owners are part of '' mailing list. Please write your expectation from next release there, so we can take that to consideration while making the release.