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Gluster Command Line Interface


Use the Gluster CLI to setup and manage your Gluster cluster from a terminal. You can run the Gluster CLI on any Gluster server either by invoking the commands or by running the Gluster CLI in interactive mode. You can also use the gluster command remotely using SSH.

The gluster CLI syntax is gluster <command>.

To run a command directly:

gluster <command>

For example, to view the status of all peers:

gluster peer status

To run a command in interactive mode, start a gluster shell by typing:


This will open a gluster command prompt. You now run the command at the prompt.

gluster> <command>

For example, to view the status of all peers,

gluster> peer status

Peer Commands

The peer commands are used to manage the Trusted Server Pool (TSP).

Command Syntax Description
peer probe peer probe server Add server to the TSP
peer detach peer detach server Remove server from the TSP
peer status peer status Display the status of all nodes in the TSP
pool list pool list List all nodes in the TSP

Volume Commands

The volume commands are used to setup and manage Gluster volumes.

Command Syntax Description
volume create volume create volname [options] bricks Create a volume called volname using the specified bricks with the configuration specified by options
volume start volume start volname [force] Start volume volname
volume stop volume stop volname Stop volume volname
volume info volume info [volname] Display volume info for volname if provided, else for all volumes on the TSP
volume status volumes status[volname] Display volume status for volname if provided, else for all volumes on the TSP
volume list volume list List all volumes in the TSP
volume set volume set volname option value Set option to value for volname
volume get volume get volname <option|all> Display the value of option (if specified)for volname , or all options otherwise
volume add-brick volume add-brick brick-1 ... brick-n Expand volname to include the bricks brick-1 to brick-n
volume remove-brick volume remove-brick brick-1 ... brick-n \<start|stop|status|commit|force> Shrink volname by removing the bricks brick-1 to brick-n . start will trigger a rebalance to migrate data from the removed bricks. stop will stop an ongoing remove-brick operation. force will remove the bricks immediately and any data on them will no longer be accessible from Gluster clients.
volume replace-brick volume replace-brick volname old-brick new-brick Replace old-brick of volname with new-brick
volume delete volume delete volname Delete volname

For additional detail of all the available CLI commands, please refer to man gluster output.