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io_uring support in gluster

io_uring is an asynchronous I/O interface similar to linux-aio, but aims to be more performant. Refer and for more details.

Incorporating io_uring in various layers of gluster is an ongoing activity but beginning with glusterfs-9.0, support has been added to the posix translator via the storage.linux-io_uring volume option. When this option is enabled, the posix translator in the glusterfs brick process (at the server side) will use io_uring calls for reads, writes and fsyncs as opposed to the normal pread/pwrite based syscalls.


# gluster volume set testvol storage.linux-io_uring on
volume set: success

# gluster volume set testvol storage.linux-io_uring off
volume set: success

This option can be enabled/disabled only when the volume is not running. i.e. you can toggle the option when the volume is Created or is Stopped as indicated in gluster volume status $VOLNAME