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Filtering Email Notifications

Bugzilla sends emails with many headers. The following headers can be very useful for sorting email: X-Bugzilla-Watch-Reason: contains fields (like 'AssignedTo', 'CC') of the bug and the email address being watched ( X-Bugzilla-Product: should always be 'GlusterFS' for Gluster bugs X-Bugzilla-Component: the component of the bug (like 'glusterd') X-Bugzilla-Status: you may want to filter 'NEW' bugs in a special folder * X-Bugzilla-Keywords: new contributors may want to filter bugs marked with EasyFix

It is recommended to filter the emails from the list in a dedicated folder. Some users only move/label messages on certain headers and delete everything else that comes through the mailing list.

For example, to receive mails of the component glusterd,

using Zimbra mail client, go to Preferences select New Filter Add Filter Name Include and apply a rule as * Header Named X-Bugzilla-Component contains glusterd

using Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, go to Tools select Message Filters select New.. Add Filter Name In the rules section, select Customize Add New message header name as X-Bugzilla-Component * Now include and apply a rule as * X-Bugzilla-Component contains glusterd


The mailing list gets added by default to new bugs. Anyone can subscribe to the list in order to receive all updates on all Gluster bugs.

'Watch' a user in Bugzilla

It is possible to use the Bugzilla "watches" function to receive updates on bug reports where the pseudo-user is on CC.

Configuration instructions:

  1. go to and log in

  2. go to your preferences

  3. go to the email tab

  4. on the bottom of the page, under "user watching", add ""

    alt text

  5. the result

alt text

RSS Feeds

The URLs below can be added to an RSS reader (like Mozilla Thunderbird or feedly). When you prefer a list of bugs on the Bugzilla website, open the RSS-feed in your browser and remove the ctype=atom from the end of the URL.

For Bug Triagers: NEW Gluster Bugs to Triage (any version) NEW Gluster 3.4 Bugs NEW Gluster 3.5 Bugs NEW Gluster 3.6 Bugs NEW GlusterD Bugs NEW Gluster/NFS Bugs * NEW geo-replucation Bugs

For starting developers who want to send their [[EasyFix Bugs|first patches]]: * EasyFix Gluster Bugs

For component maintainers and developers looking for a bug to start working on: Triaged Gluster 3.4 Bugs Triaged Gluster 3.5 Bugs Triaged Gluster 3.6 Bugs Triaged NEW Gluster/NFS Bugs

Bugs that can get tested * ...

Feel free to add more feeds to this page yourself, request them via gluster-devel or Github issue tracker.